Asyaport, Turkey's largest transit container port, now also started to provide in-house Pilotage Services.

06 October 2015 Tuesday 
Asyaport, which has been providing Pilotage and Tug-Boat services in Barbaros  / Tekirdağ since 11.09.2015 with the permission of Republic of Turkey / Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, gives 24 hours, non-stop mooring, anchoring, berthing and sailing services for all types of vessels and tonnages with expert staff and 2 Senior Pilots.  
Asyaport  aims to provide Pilotage services not only in Turkey but in all world ports with its fleet recently including; 2  modern and powerful offshore tug boats; 2015 built, 60 tons of pulling power (TBP), 23 meters long, 4732 horsepower (BHP) named ASYAPORT BARBAROS and ASYAPORT KUMBAĞ, one Pilot Boat; 2015 built, 14 meters long, 660 horsepower (BHP)  named ASYAPORT UÇMAKDERE and finally one Mooring Boat; 2013 built, 9 meters long, 150 horsepower (BHP) named ASYAPORT NAİP.